Who Are We?

The Magicians

Christian was exposed to the powers of herbal medicine from a very early age.  He grew up in countryside of San Carlos, Costa Rica, alongside his grandmother who was the community´s respected herbal healer. He remembers picking wild crafted herbs under her direction and her large book of herbal remedies and recipes.  She also used color vibration in water for energy healing.

Five years ago he was reunited with these respected herbal traditions when he came across the community at Finca Luna Nueva. As a general nature enthusiast, he came to the farm to learn about the Sacred Seeds Sanctuary and observe the nightlife in the rainforest trails.  This is where Christian and Sara met, as she was an intern on the farm at that time.  They shared interest in all things related to nutrition, holistic healing, the powers of medicinal plants and proper management of the land.  While working in reception, conducting tours and working on the farm at Luna Nueva for the last 2 years, Christian learned about about good practices in house and later all the degeneration and unethical practices of the Agricultural Industry of the World. Out of burning desire to see positive change as well as have organic vegetables and clean vitalized foods available to his family, Christian started the company La Farmacia Organica.

Christian attended an intensive course hosted by Juan Jose Paniagua of Tierra de Los Suenos Organic Farm and is trained in using mineral (rock dusts) in producing organic live ferments of bio-available microorganisms for agricultural and ornamental plants.

Sara first came upon her passion for agriculture while working at a holistic spa, which sold Weleda and Dr. Hauschka products. She noticed the ingredients included Biodynamically grown herbs and flowers, harvested under certain moons to maintain the highest potency.

Intrigued, while studying EcoGastronomy and Business Administration at the University of New Hampshire, she took every opportunity to learn more about traditional farming practices that still followed the position of celestial beings. While studying abroad in Italy at the University of Gastronomic Science (created by Slow Food) she noticed the incredible quality of soil at vineyards and farms that applied the preparations. She later interned at a biodynamic vineyard in California, Ambyth Estate, where she was able to create and use the biodynamic preparations.

After graduating she traveled to the Costa Rican rainforest to intern at a turmeric and ginger farm and eco-lodge, Finca Luna Nueva. Finca Luna Nueva Lodge is a medium sized eco-lodge and certified organic/Biodynamic farm that also produces hundreds of varieties of  fruits and vegetables and medicinal plants.  There Sara spent a year and half under mentorship of well-experienced  international Biodynamic farmers. She soon created and led an Internship Program at Finca Luna and ran 3 month long programs on regenerative agriculture, medicinal plants, food preparation and manipulation and nutrition.

In 2015 Sara and Christian found La Farmacia Organica, an organic food distribution service company, and opened there first store location a year later.

In 2017 La Farmacia Organica created its first internship opportunity (short and long term options available) to provide cultural experiences of organic food production, proper preparation, and distribution in Costa Rica.

Sara and Christian share the vision of supporting all forms of regenerative agriculture to increase the availability of organic and bioydnamic food in the country with the hopes of saving the soils and the health, vitality and food security of those in the country.  She is extremely excited about finding more ways to educate and empower the community about the use and preparation of high vibration food and proper soil management.

Thanks to Tierra de Los Suenos, located in Zercero, and other local artisan food producers, through La Farmacia Organica, Sara and Christian can now provide affordable freshly harvested vegetables and food products to the surrounding community while supporting only those who treat and regenerating the soils vitality.